Onboarding Informational Page


What is onboarding?

An effective Onboarding (also known as Transitions in Taleo) program will shorten the amount of time it takes Georgia State’s new hires to become productive staff members by integrating them into the culture of Georgia State University. It helps new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their job.

The Onboarding process is a series of events that are considered the most important tasks new hires must complete within their first six months of employment.  The new module, powered by Taleo, will guide new hires through the process of performing critical tasks that may result in more engaged, productive and successful employees.

Getting new hires acclimated and productive is the most challenging part of the experience.


 “New employees are 69% more likely to stay longer than 3 years if they experience well structured onboarding.”-Aberdeen Group

The most common form of Onboarding is passive and refers to the “checklist” or a set of step-by-step processes designed to assist new hires with adjusting to their new position.  However, high potential Onboarding is a formal set of coordinated steps that go beyond the checklist to include employee socialization through connection, culture, clarification, and compliance.


“89% of new hires say they don’t have the optimum level of knowledge necessary to do their job.” -Aberdeen Group

The Onboarding process is designed to maximize success by establishing better relationships through a set of strategic processes that introduce employees to the organization’s culture.  It also provides opportunities for connection with other employees and stakeholders during their first six months of employment.  Effective Onboarding directly supports Georgia State University’s strategic plan by ensuring we retain the right people to meet the demands of Georgia State’s expanding infrastructure once they have been selected.