Biometric Timeclock Information


GSU Map with Time Clock Locations January, 2018

New Time Clocks being Installed!!!

New biometric time clocks (see picture below) are being added as part of the OneUSG Connect project.
CLICK HERE for details on the locations.

biometric-time-clockdormakaba 97-00 timeclock

Fingerprint Registration Begins as of 2/5/18

In February, we will begin working with departments regarding registering those who will be using the new time clocks when we Go Live. More information will be distributed on where and how to register.

How does biometric finger recognition work?

Using a finger instead of a badge to identify persons in a unique and legally binding manner, but how exactly does it work?

The concept is easy. The biometric reading unit creates a unique recognition template based on distinctive features of the fingertip. This involves a mathematical description of position coordinates. This template is stored in a one-off enrollment process as the unique
reference for the person. No visual fingerprint is reproduced from this reference template. Two different fingers are always registered in order to guarantee reliable recognition at all times. If an employee wishes to identify themselves at a terminal, they place their finger on the sensor. The finger is compared with the stored reference template. If this tallies, the time or access booking is carried out.

Questions Regarding Biometrics and Personal Data

Personal data must be collected and processed in accordance with legal data protection requirements. Do I maintain responsibility for my personal data? Will my fingerprint be stored and possibly even passed on? These are valid questions from employees and are taken very seriously by GSU and the vendor, dormakaba.

It is important to know that the method used by the vendor, dormakaba does not store any fingerprint image, but only an anonymous, mathematical reference template. The personal features of the fingertip are vectorized and converted into a complex numerical code. The relevant personnel number is allocated to this value. A fingerprint image cannot be reproduced under any circumstances. Misuse of personal employee data by third parties is therefore avoided. If an employee still has concerns, he can alternatively enter his personal identification number (optionally with additional PIN) via the keypad.