Talent Management at Georgia State

Powered by Taleo


What is Talent Management?

As part of a new human resources strategy, Georgia State has a new Talent Management Suite – powered by Taleo! This suite consists of four pillars that will greatly improve and increase efficiencies for hiring managers throughout the campus. Talent Acquisition, Talent Onboarding, Goals/Performance Management and Succession Management will provide internal users with an effective recruitment tool to recruit the best talent globally, a retention tool that creates an opportunity for employees to grow and develop professionally and enhance the new hire experience at Georgia State!

Why Taleo?

Taleo is state-of-the-art technology respected by recruiters and job candidates throughout the world. It also offers optional services that could meet future hiring needs as demand increases.

Benefits of Taleo

  • Aligns with university’s strategic plan
  • Provides a competitive edge
  • Improves the talent acquisition process by increasing efficiencies
  • Creates a performance management model to enhance employee engagement and productivity
  • Allows Georgia State to recruit top talent by providing a user-friendly candidate experience
  • A retention tool that creates an opportunity for employees to grow, develop and have a career at Georgia State