Taleo is a talent management system that includes an Applicant Tracking System, Onboarding, Performance Management, Goals Management and Succession Planning pillars. Georgia State is currently implementing the Applicant Tracking System pillar. It also offers optional services that can be used to meet future university needs.
Current hiring managers will be able to log in using their CampusID Password.
You will need to reset your university CampusID Password. Reset CampusID Password  
Training is not required but is highly recommended. Training will be provided every week starting June 12th. Each session will be 2 hours. Other options are web-based trainings. Please refer to the training calendar for registration. Taleo Training Calendar  
Current active openings will remain open in PPRTS until August 12th 2013.
Full/Part-time, temporary, sponsor-funded, and limited term positions can be posted on Taleo. Currently, Taleo cannot be used to fill faculty positions.
Only applications that meet the minimum hiring standards(MHS) will be released by the recruiter. Additional applications can be released by request.
The offer letters will be standard, but each department will have an area where they can add remarks or customize the letter to their respective college/unit.
There will be a generic rejection letter sent out.
You can call the Office of Staff Recruitment and Retention at 404-413-3270 or send your emails to jobs@gsu.edu.